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You MAY have other messages to complete listed below are some of the other common greetings:

  1. Busy Message – This will be played to the customer if he chooses to speak with you and you are already engaged on another call.  EXAMPLE – Thanks for choosing me – sorry but I am not available at this time but would really like to speak to you sometime in the future – my Extension is 1234 – try me again sometime and enjoy your call with one of our other ladies..
  2. Logged Out Message - This will be plaid if caller chooses you and you are not on the board.  EXAMPLE – Hi, you have reached Tracey at extension 1234 – sorry I am not working right now – I am usually available Monday thru Saturday from 3:00pm to 10:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.  On this greeting you want to try and let your callers know when they can reach you in the future.

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Home Page

Basic Outline for a great GREETING

This is the MOST important thing you do. ALL callers go to the menu and listen to the GREETINGS of each PSO (IC/Independent Contractor), they than have the ability to CHOOSE who they speak to. The better your GREETING the greater your chances of the caller choosing YOU.

  1. Use a name that is NORMAL…. Avoid names like Honey – Cinnamon – Sugar etc
  2. Paint a picture for the caller – be very descriptive – guys are very visual.
  3. Try to sound as natural and relaxed as possible – DO NOT sound rushed
  4. Use your imagination and be different. Too many of you might be saying the same thing.
  5. Often caller will select to speak to the IC who sounds different from the others.

Here are some GREETING samples other IC’s have used in the past:


Sample 1: Hey baby, I’m just sitting here trying to figure out how hot and horny you’re going to let me get before you satisfy me. I know I was a bad girl for teasing you with my short little skirt but I promise I’ll be a good girl from now on. Please don’t keep me waiting… remember this is Becky Ext # 1234

Sample 2: Hey Sexy – are you home alone thinking about that girl next door…how she looks in that tight little bikini as she lays by the pool…why don’t you pick me and I can walk over to your house so we can play together..I’m feeling a little lonely myself and would love to keep you company….so choose me and let’s get this party started…I’m Jennifer…ext 1234

Here are some AUDIO SAMPLES remember DO NOT USE THESE!!!